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Defending Bay Area Clients For More Than 25 Years


Defending Bay Area Clients For More Than 25 Years

Clearing Your Criminal Record In Berkeley, California

clearing your criminal record

Having a clean criminal record can open up many opportunities in life. Many employers and landlords conduct background checks revealing past convictions.

Experienced Legal Guidance

If you have questions about clearing your criminal record in Berkeley, California, and the surrounding areas, contact me for a free consultation. I am criminal defense attorney Elena Condes.

For nearly 20 years, I have helped individuals like you navigate the criminal justice system. I provide personal, results-oriented legal guidance to help you obtain a positive outcome.

Are You Eligible For Expungement/Sealing And Destroying?

Whether you can ultimately remove your conviction, seal and destroy your arrest record or, obtain a Certificate of Rehabilitation and Request a Pardon from the Governor will depend on your particular set of circumstances. It’s critical to have a lawyer that can effectively navigate the system to get you the best result possible.

Expungement as well as sealing and destroying records are court processes.

This means you must file certain documentation and, in many cases, negotiate with the prosecution and appear in court. In more complex cases, the court hearings may be intensive.

Hiring a lawyer to represent you can help the process go much more smoothly. As an experienced trial attorney, I know what judges and prosecutors will look for in these types of cases. I will present favorable legal arguments to maximize your chances of obtaining a successful outcome.

Contact An Oakland Area Expungement Lawyer For A Free Consultation

To learn more about how to get your criminal records expunged, call the Law Offices of Elena Condes at 510-525-4243. Evening and weekend appointments are available upon request. Se habla español.

If you do have arrests or convictions on your record, you may be able to clear them through a plea withdrawal followed by a dismissal, sealing and destroying an arrest record or, a certificate of rehabilitation and request for a pardon.