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Defending Bay Area Clients For More Than 25 Years


Defending Bay Area Clients For More Than 25 Years

Berkeley Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense

All criminal charges – from misdemeanors to felonies – can have a major impact on your life and livelihood. No matter what type of criminal charges you are facing, you need a lawyer who will take your case as seriously as you do.

I am Elena Condes, a criminal defense lawyer in Berkeley, California. I understand that even misdemeanor charges can cause you to lose your Professional License, threaten you Immigration Status or require that you spend some time in jail. Whether you are facing a single misdemeanor or multiple complex felonies, I will fight tirelessly for you.

An Experienced Attorney Who Will Fight For You

For 20 years, I have defended the rights of accused people in the Bay Area. I am very familiar with the local courts and prosecutors. I draw on this experience and knowledge to help each client obtain the best outcome possible for his or her situation.

I represent clients facing all types of state and federal charges. My criminal defense overview include handling the following types of cases:

  • Violent Crimes
    • Sexual Assault
    • Assault & Battery
    • Domestic Violence
    • Murder & Manslaughter
    • Kidnapping
  • Domestic Violence
    • Spousal Abuse
    • Child Abuse
    • Child Endangerment
    • Harassment
    • Stalking
  • Sex Offenses
    • Child Molestation
    • Rape
    • Sexual Battery
  • White Collar Crimes
    • Fraud
    • Embezzlement
    • Mortgage Fraud
    • Business and Professions Code Violations
  • Drug Cases
    • Marijuana Cultivation
    • Illegal Search & Seizure
    • Drug Sales and Distribution
  • Internet Crimes
    • Child Pornography
    • Identity Theft
    • Felony DUI
    • Vehicular Manslaughter
    • Misdemeanor DUI
    • Driving on Suspended License
  • Weapons Offenses
    • Gun Possession
    • Deadly Weapon Offenses
  • Post Conviction
    • “Expungements”
    • Seal and Destroy Arrest Records
    • Certificate of Rehabilitation and Request for Pardon
  • Work-Related Crimes and Professional Code Violations
  • Clearing a Criminal Record (expungement)

A Loyal And Dedicated Advocate

I believe trust is central to an effective attorney-client relationship. I will work hard from day one to build your trust in me as a dedicated advocate.

As a solo practitioner, I am personally invested in each client’s case. I understand the importance of what is it stake. I will take the time to sit down with you and thoroughly analyze your situation. I can also advise you on the potential immigration consequences of criminal charges.

Finally, as a skilled negotiator, I leverage a high level of preparation and legwork to help clients achieve a positive result. I will put in whatever time, effort or resources necessary to develop the strengths of your case.

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For a free consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney, call the Law Offices of Elena Condes at 510-665-1792 or contact me online. Evening and weekend meetings are available by appointment. Se habla español.