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Defending Bay Area Clients For More Than 25 Years


Defending Bay Area Clients For More Than 25 Years

Criminal Defense

No matter what charge you are facing, you need a lawyer who takes your case as seriously as you do.

DUI Charges

Getting arrested for DUI can affect your employment, ability to drive and more. An experienced lawyer can help you minimize the consequences.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence accusations, true or not, can have far-reaching results. Act quickly to protect your reputation and your future.

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El sistema criminal de justicia es intimidante y abrumador si usted no lo entiende. Yo represento a esos acusados de felonias y delitos menotes Estatales y Federales.

You Are Not Defined By Your Mistakes

Attorney Elena Condes Works Tirelessly To Ensure That The Judge, Jury And Prosecution See You As A Person, Not Just Another Body Moving Through The System. She Will Fight For The Best Result In Your Case.

Protect Your Rights With Experienced Criminal Defense

Criminal accusations can be devastating to your personal and professional life. Your liberty, property, reputation, job prospects and immigration status may all hang in the balance. You need a strong and experienced advocate who will dedicate the time, effort and resources to help you obtain a positive result.

At the Law Offices of Elena Condes, attorney Elena Condes provides experienced and aggressive representation to ensure that your rights and liberty are protected. She knows the California criminal justice system is intimidating and overwhelming. She can help you through the process so you understand your options and make informed decisions.

Tirelessly Advocating For Your Rights Against Various Criminal Charges

Elena Condes is a Berkeley criminal defense attorney who works tirelessly for her clients. She represents many types of cases, including:

She can assist you with charges from petty theft to the most serious felonies.

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When you arrange for a free consultation, Ms. Condes will sit down with you and learn about your story. She invests the time and resources to uncover the unique strengths of your case, so she can fight for the best possible results.
Call for a free initial consultation at 510-665-1792. You can also email her office. Ms. Condes provides high quality representation in the San Francisco Bay Area, including Berkeley, Oakland, Hayward and Richmond.